Thursday, September 25, 2008

Serpentine Cable Arm Warmer


This is a very easy arm warmer even if you haven't made a cable pattern before. It’s truly a 3D pattern. It's great for a beginner because you're only using the cable needle twice out of each 12-row repeat.

To create this pattern I completed rows (1 to 12) 4 times, then finished with rows 1-8. You can make it as long as you wish. Here is some info below.

Yarn: Encore (Baby Blue)
CO: 28
Yards: 70 , for the pair
Rows: 44
Finished Size: 7 inches wide, 9 inches tall.
Needle Size: 10.5
Gauge: 4 stitches per inch , 4.88 rows per inch

Cable Videos to help you out if needed.: 
Left Cross:
Right Cross:

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Cost: $3.00

You can purchase it through my Etsy store  here.
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