Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arm Warmer Pebble Blue

This is a great arm warmer for you to try. I made it FLAT instead of circular. So much easier for a beginner. All you have to do is sew it up on the underside.

Pebble Blue Arm Warmer is very easy to make. It only uses knits and purls. You only have to repeat 4 rows for the pattern. CO 25 stitches. (You need an uneven number of stitches.) It's 6 inches wide using a US size 11 needle. It looks a little like lace but it's actually not. The larger the needle the more of a lace effect you will see.

Link fixed 8/13/14

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Wendy said...

HELP! I love this pattern and I would really like to try it, but when I went to attempt to download PDF, it came up not available. Is there a way I could get this pattern please? I love your blog! You are one talented knitter...I would love to try cables, but I am a bit apprehensive. You have some beautiful pieces on there! I may try yet!
Thank you!
Wendy L Ross