Friday, September 5, 2008

#3 Big & Little Cabled Rectangle

This is #3 Big and Little Cabled Rectangle
6 x 9 inches
I would suggest this as a beginner cable pattern. You only have to use the cable needle 5 times in 52 rows. This was the first cable pattern I ever knitted. It's by far my favorite. I also used it in an arm warmer pattern below. Arm Warmer #1 in blue. CO is only 32 stitches. I used moss stitch on the outsides and reverse stockinette stitch in between the cables.
BLOCKING: To give it the correct shape of 6 x 9 inches I placed the rectangle on a pillow (you can also use a towel) and used pins to put it in the correct dimensions. Then I took a water bottle and spritzed water on it. Lastly, take your iron and put it on "high steam" and go back and forth over the knitted piece. DO NOT TOUCH the yarn if it is acrylic. It will MELT.

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