Thursday, September 18, 2008

Honeycomb Cabled Arm Warmer

HoneyComb Knitted Arm Warmer

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE PDF up until the pattern:
This is a Honeycomb cabled arm warmer. This is a cable pattern that is good for a beginner. It’s a basic cable. The only difference with my other cable arm warmers is that you are using the cable 2 times back-to-back within the row. Cables are only in two out of every 8 rows and I only completed 44 rows for the length you see in the purple example. I did 1 more honeycomb on the tan one. All the stats below are for the purple. The underside is explained under the Pattern Heading but you can see a photo of it at the end of this PDF. To increase the size see instructions above row 1.

Cable Videos to help you out if needed.: 
Left Cross:
Right Cross:

(A couple tips)
If you’re new to cabling I don’t use the cable needles you see in stores. That’s because I have never found a straight one. What I use is a blue “yarn needle” that is sold in just about every store. Another reason why I use it is because it’s not metal which can cause the stitches to slip right off. When I use the plastic kind I have no problems. Those stitches don’t more. So I guess I’m glad they don’t sell straight ones because I would never use it. Stitches need to stay on not slip off.
Another tip……When doing cables I only use circular needles. This way the when working with the cable needle I don’t have to worry about the left knitting needle going anywhere, when doing the cables, because it’s connected. I got really frustrated when I started doing cables and problem solved when I bought the circulars.

Needle Size: 10.5
CO: 30
Rows: 44
Yards needed: Approx. 65-75 yards
Finished Size: 7 inch tall 6.5 inch wide
Gauge:4.62 stitches per inch and 6.2 rows per inch
Made Flat Not in the Round

WYIB S1 =With yarn in back (as if to knit) Slip 1 (as if to purl)
LC= Left Cross cable, Slip 2 to cable needle and hold in front, K2 then K2 from cable needle
RC= Right Cross cable, Slip 2 to cable needle and hold in back, K2 then K2 from cable needle

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