Thursday, October 8, 2009

2nd "Warm Me Up" Arm Warmer

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This is a braid styled Knit Arm warmer that I call the "Warm me Up" arm warmer. This is a cabled design.  I do consider this a beginner pattern because I just learned how to knit and the cable designs were the first thing I wanted to try.

I wanted to give you some tips along with some information that you will see if you purchase the pattern. I don't want you to go in blind sort of speak. At least this way you have an idea of what the pattern may be.

If you're new to knitting cables and you need some advice on the needle to use....I don't use the cable needles you see in stores. There are a couple of reasons. I've never found a straight one. What I use is a blue yarn needle that is sold in just about every store. If you were to use a straight metal yarn needle the stitches would fall right off. When I use the plastic kind I have no problems. They do sell the metal cable needles that look like wings and a hook. I can't hold them properly and they get caught on the yarn. Find what works best for you.

Another tip……When doing cables I only use circular needles. This way the when working with the cable needle I don’t have to worry about the left knitting needle falling down,  It's hard to keep everything in place with straight needed. When using circulars everything is connected. That's just my opinion if straight needles work for you by all means use them.

This pattern is made flat, not in the round. Sewing instructions included.

  The picture you see below shows you the slip stitch pattern that borders the cable design.You can see the columns of V's. This pattern makes it nice and snug without ever being uncomfortable. That also means that it won't move around on you. It also keeps it's shape as you take it on and off. 

Yarn used: Bernat Berella “4” or any soft worsted weight yarn
Color: Natural (cream color)
CO: 29
Finished Size: 6 inch width 9 inches tall
Gauge: 4.75 stitches per inch
US size 10.5 needle
Amount of Yarn: 70-80 yards for both

WYIB: with yarn in back (as if to knit)
S1: Slip 1 (always purl wise)
C6B: Slip 3 to cable needle and hold in back, K3 then K3 from cable needle
C6F: Slip 3 to cable needle and hold in front, K3 then K3 from cable needle


VIDEOS on how to do the Cable in case you need them see the links below.... 
Left Cross Over    (C6F)
Right Cross Over  (C6B)

Finishing and Sewing instructions included in the pattern. 
This is the sewing technique I use when sewing my arm warmers together.


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