Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Waves Arm Warmer

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This is a knitted arm warmer that used increases and decreases to shape the design. It's okay if you're a beginner because I was. I had never done increases and decreases before.

I used a slip stitch type pattern for the underside for several reasons. It will be nice and snug but very comfortable. You can also take it on and off without stretching it out. It's nice and durable.

Below are some of the information you will find in the instructions. 

Made Flat, not in the round. You will sew the sides together. The instructions will show and easy way to do so.

Skill Level: Experienced Beginner
CO: 25
Finished Size: 6 in wide x 8.5 in high
Yarn: I used Bernat Worsted in Blue
Yard of yarn needed: 60 for the pair of them
Needle Size: I used 10.5

Stitches Used
Inc 1 = Increase 1 stitch by picking up and knitting connecting strand
between last stitch worked and the next one.

S1 K1 PSSO =Slip 1 , Knit 1 then pass the slip stitch over the knitted 1.
K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together

Other Abbreviations (underside, see picture below:
(WYIF, S1, P1)= Stands for “With Yarn In Front” Slip 1 stitch then Purl 1
S1 = Slip 1 stitch as if to purl


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Aelynn said...

I LOVE these! They are beautiful and I want to make a pair. The only problem is I don't knit, I crochet. Is there anyway to do this in crochet?