Saturday, August 23, 2008

Simple Split Granite Arm Warmer

Vanna White Purple Speckled Yarn

This is a great knit arm warmer pattern for a beginner and it's a quick project. It only uses knits and purls to create it. You're repeating rows 1-12 but I wrote out the row numbers. You can make it as long as you would like.  You're basically making a 

I usually add 1/2 inch to the measurement of the wrist this is going to be on. I have a 6 inch wrist so I make mine 6 1/2 inches.

IF you're are is
Thumb hole? Yes, see sewing instructions
Yarn Used: Caron One Pound Worsted Weight, Blue or
Vanna White yarn, Purple Mist
CO: 23 or any odd number of stitches
Rows Completed: 54
Finished Size: 6 x 9 inches
Needle Size: 10.5
Made: Flat

WYIB = With yarn in back (as if to knit)
S1 = Slip 1 stitch as if to purl
* * = Repeat the instructions between * and  *

Like I said at the beginning of my post that you are repeating rows 1-12. But I wrote them out in case you want to cross off the rows as you go along.

Rows 1,3,5,13,15,17,25,27,29,37,39,41,49,51,53:
P1,(WYIB , S1, P1) x 11

Rows 2-54 and all even rows: Purl all stitches

Rows 7,9,11,19,21,23,31,33,35,43,45,47:
P2,(WYIB , S1, P1) x 11 End last repeat with P2

  1. It’s important to do a loose bind off or it will squeeze your hand/arm. That's not to comfortable, trust me. I've made that mistake a couple of times.
  2. I always do a purl bind off no matter what stitch the last row is comprised of. It's so much more attractive then a knitted one. It's up to you.. Do what you want.
  1. When you end your last row cut your yarn and leave a tail. You will tie a knot to secure the sewing and then you can weave it in.

Sewing your arm warmer together

If you have your own method of sewing by all means do that. If you need instructions then I can tell you how to sew it together.

Place the arm warmer with the right side facing down. Then take the sides and fold them in ward. Pin the top of it as you're working.

  1. Now thread your yarn needle.
  1. Start sewing by threading your needle through the purl bump closest to the edge then put your needle through the purl bump closest to the edge on the opposite side. Pull the yarn through leaving about 4 inches and tie a loose knot (so it doesn't squeeze your wrist). Then tie another knot tightly to secure the first one.
  1. Now, whatever side your yarn needle is on, **go up a little and put your yarn needle through the purl bump closest to the edge and go straight across to the other side and do the same.** repeat the instructions between the asterisks. The diagram shows how to do it.
  2. Pull tight every couple of inches.

5. You can also pin where the thumb hole is going to be, if you want one. To do that lay it flat and slip your hand in it just like you would when wearing it. Use 2 safety pins where you want the beginning and end to be. When you get to the 1st safety pin weave the yarn into the sides until you get to the top pin and continue sewing again.

When you get to the very top do the last stitch and pull it tight (but not to tight) and tie a knot if you have a tail from when you finish your warmer.

If you ever have any questions please leave a comment on this post.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to knitting and was wondering about the pattern.
Are rows P1 & P2 supposed to be identical?
Or am I reading the pattern wrong???


Heather said...

Hi, I'm not sure if I understand your question. Row 1 starts with P1(purl 1) and the next starts with
P2 (prul 2). This makes the slip stitch pattern a little off set. You can email me at any time if you ANY questions about Knitting.