Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soft cabled Arm Warmer #1


This is a great knitted arm warmer to make. This was the first arm warmer I made. It's an elegant cable pattern.  You are only using the cable needle 2 times in every row repeat. It's definetly something a beginner can do easily.

The underside, as you can see below on the sides, is a slip stitch pattern that makes it very comfortable and durable. You can go in and out of it without stretching it out. It's like having comfortable elastic. Definitely cozy warm.

Here is some info  that is included in the PDF,
CO: 29

Yards Used: 60 total for the pair

Finished Size: 6 inches wide by 8 inches high (but can easily make it longer or shorter)

Needle Size: 10.5 US

Yarn used: Utopia or any soft worsted weight yarn needed

Gauge: 4.83 stitches per inch

Rows: Do 1-26 then 5-26

You can purchase the pattern in PDF form straight from at the BUY NOW button below. It's okay if you are not a member you can still purchase it. Also, it goes through paypal. For more info you can go to this link it you'd like.



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