Monday, August 25, 2008

Slow and Easy Cable (Arm Warmer #2)


This is one of my favorite arm warmer cable patterns. It has a consistent pattern which is nice because you can stop the arm warmer at any height and it won't look like you interrupted the pattern in any way.

The underside is made up of a slip stitch pattern. That makes it more durable. You can take it off and on and it won't stretch out. It's tight but comfortable at the same time.

It's great for a beginner. Cables are the first thing I dove into when I learned how to do the basics. You're doing the same cable so it won't confuse you if you are new to this kind of design.

I don't use the cable needles you see in stores. There are a couple of reasons. I've never found a straight one. What I use is a blue yarn needle that is sold in just about every store. If you were to use a straight metal yarn needle the stitches would fall right off. When I use the plastic kind I have no problems. They do sell the metal cable needles that look like wings and a hook. I can't hold them properly and they get caught on the yarn. Find what works best for you.

Also.....when doing cables I only use circular needles. This way the when working with the cable needle I don’t have to worry about the left knitting needle falling down,  It's hard to keep everything in place with straight needed. When using circulars everything is connected. That's just my opinion if straight needles work for you by all means use them.


 Here is some of the information on the pattern so you have an idea of what to expect.

Made Flat, not in the round
Skill Level: Beginner with knowledge of Cables
Yarn: Caron 1 pound - Sky Blue
Finished Size: 9 inch tall by 7 inches wide.
CO: 29
Rows: 40
Amount of Yarn Needed: 60 yards approx for the pair
Needle Size: US 11
Gauge: 4.5 sts and 2.75 rows = 1 inches

C4B = Slip 1 to cable needle, K3 then K1 from cable needle
WYIB = With Yarn in Back, as if to knit
S1= Slip 1, as if to purl

Right Cross Video if needed

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lauren c said...

i love this patern, think ill try to knit it :)) this will be my first cable attempt thanks for the beautiful pattern.