Monday, August 25, 2008

Slow and Easy Cable (Arm Warmer #2)

Pattern Fixed as of  10/27/12

Slip stitch surrounding the cable

This is one of my favorite arm warmer cabled pattern. It has a consistent pattern which is nice because you can stop the arm warmer at any height and it won't look like you interrupted the pattern in any way.

The underside, as you can see above, is made up of a slip stitch pattern. That makes it more durable. You can take it on and off over and over again and it won't stretch out. It always stays put. It won't move around on you.

That makes it very durable and comfortably tight. It won't move around on you and it won't stretch out. Almost like elastic.but much more comfortable.

 Here is some of the information on the pattern.

Made Flat, not in the round
Skill Level: Beginner with knowledge of Cables
Yarn: Caron 1 pound - Sky Blue
Finished Size: 9 inch tall, 6.5 in wide [correction: height is 9 inches not 7]
CO: 29
Rows: 40
Amount of Yarn Needed: 60 yards approx for the pair
Needle Size: US 11
Gauge: 4.5 sts and 2.75 rows = 1 inches

C4B = Slip 1 to cable needle, K3 then K1 from cable needle
WYIB = With Yarn in Back, as if to knit
S1= Slip 1, as if to purl

Cable Videos to help you out if needed.: 
Left Cross:
Right Cross:

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lauren c said...

i love this patern, think ill try to knit it :)) this will be my first cable attempt thanks for the beautiful pattern.